Careers That Criminal Justice Schools in Philadelphia, PA Prepare You For

 College isn’t getting any cheaper, and with tuition and fees rising, it’s becoming increasingly important to choose the right degree program. Criminal justice schools in Philadelphia, PA prepare students for an exciting career in the rapidly evolving field of criminal justice. If you are interested in visiting new places on the job, tackling various challenges on a daily basis, protecting the innocent, and upholding the law, a criminal justice degree may be great fit.

Contrary to popular belief, criminal justice majors don’t work only as police officers or FBI agents. Criminal justice is an extremely diverse field, so it offers a wide range of job opportunities. Areas you can find work in as a criminal justice major include homeland security, law enforcement, corrections, court systems, and parole/probation. Some of the most common career paths for graduates of criminal justice schools include the following:

  • Parole officer
  • Police officer
  • Security guard
  • Corrections counselor
  • Forensic scientist
  • Body guard
  • Immigration inspector
  • Border patrol agent
  • Customs inspector
  • Federal air marshal

There are a broad spectrum of jobs to choose from in the criminal justice field, beyond the high-profile positions you see on popular crime investigation shows like CSI and Law & Order. Some positions require you to have strong interpersonal skills because you have to work with the public, while other positions are behind-the-scenes in nature. It’s important to choose the right school and specialization to ensure that you’ll be prepared to find work in a career that suits your skills, knowledge, and interests. Different degree programs focus on unique aspects of the field.

Alternative Career Paths Available to Criminal Justice Majors

Although the majority of those who graduate from criminal justice schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pursue careers in law enforcement or a related field, it’s also possible to work in other areas of the social sciences with a criminal justice degree. As a criminal justice major, you can work in law firms, advocacy groups or courts as a policy advocate, law clerk or administrator. Some graduates even go on to pursue careers in victim services, social work, or human rights.

There are many careers that you can go into as a criminal justice major because the field is broad and familiarizes you with a variety of disciplines, including law, sociology, psychology, and political science. Undergraduate criminal justice degrees are also a great choice for pre-law students.

If you want to play a part in bringing criminals to justice and keeping our society safe, consider pursuing a degree at one of the criminal justice schools in Philadelphia, PA. Criminal justice degree programs offer a well-rounded education and provide you with a wide variety of career options. For more information about criminal justice schools in Philadelphia, call one of CollegeQuest’s advisors at 866-944-1429 for assistance.


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